Make Your Own Medical ID Yoga Bracelet For Cheap!

Where I got the ribbon (ColorKissedSIngles on Etsy): Where I got the engraved front ID tag (Stickyj): ...


Teacher takes away student's medical bracelet

Mother of 8 year old Buffalo student says son's health was put at risk.


HealthBand: A Remotely Monitored Health Status Bracelet

HealthBand is an innovative solution for detecting and locating a person whose health in in grave danger. It's mostly designed as a remote rescue system for ...


Sport & Sport Slim Medical Alert Bracelet -Sizing Instructions

Watch this video to see how easy it is to properly adjust to size your Sport or Sport Slim Medical Alert Bracelet.


Activewear Slim Medical ID Bracelet

Shop Activewear Slim Medical ID: -Waterproof and sweatproof, these fun silicone bands are ...


Mother creates life saving medical bracelet

Janine De Grill, came up with the bracelet after her daughter was involved in car accident, and could not communicate with the medics. The bracelet, uses a QR ...


Elegant Medical Alert Jewellery Review / Disability Fashion Tips with Jessica Kellgren-Fozard

Our collaborator Jessica Kellgren-Fozard has finally found medical bracelets she actually wants to wear! Jessica's Fashion Videos: ...


Why I Wear a Medic Alert Bracelet

Here is why I wear a Medic Alert bracelet. Thought I would share and hopefully this video is interesting to someone! Follow me on Social Media: Twitter: ...


Medical Alert Bracelets

Learn about medical alert bracelets and differences between a medical alert bracelet and a medical bracelet or a medical id wrist band or watch.


Diabetes: Medical Alert Systems And Medical Id Bracelets

Diabetes: Medical Alert Systems And Medical Id Bracelets Clic Here: Show your support for Diabetes Awareness!


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