Balance Test Scam. Watch how they fool people with this simple party trick

Australian TV Expose the truth about energy/ Magnetic barcelets. This trick is also used by Companies selling ceramic Quantum Scalar Pendants. They make ...


The Original Copper Heeler | NewsWatch Review

Original Copper Heeler --- These revolutionary insoles are made from 100% copper and were designed and developed by top orthopaedic technicians to ease ...


Make a beaten copper ring

Copper is back in fashion and, as Rob shows, making a beaten copper ring with everyday materials is much easier than you might think, He takes you through ...


Working with Copper Clay

In this video I show you how I created my copper clay jewellery. It's all subtitled and has no sound. For the pieces I used ArtClay Copper Clay. I hope you enjoy it.


Handcrafted Silver Jewelry - Handcrafted silver necklaces - Handmade copper jewelry Beautiful handcrafted silver jewelry always looks stunning to be your precious collection such as handmade copper, handmade ...


I made a Sea Turtle from Australia coins

I wasn't sure if it was going to turn out so I didn't film as much as I should have. In the end, I'm happy with it. The shell was soldered on.


Making Mokume Gane

The first video without music. Making a nickel and copper Mokume Gane with the Jones brothers in Danville, VA. Phillip Jones is the expert here...I'm just the ...


How To Make a Ring with a Coin in home (AMAZING)

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#28 SILVER 34,35&36+1800s COPPER+HISTORIC RELICS | Digging Australia |

Thanks so much for watching, commenting and subbing my channel. I do Metal Detecting in NSW Australia to look for old coins and relics. Detectors used: ...


Testimonials - benefits of Magnetix Wellness jewellery

Shop online at More and more people who are stressed by their daily lives, who suffer from pain, arthritis, rheumatism, ...


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