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Lab Made Jewelry Alternative-$600 Custom Pendants Hip Hop Jewelry

Email [email protected] to talk to their custom jeweler. I have purchased custom hip hop jewelry from Lab Made Jewlery,King Ice, and Mixtape ...


Why is CUSTOM JEWELRY more expensive?!?!

Let's talk custom jewelry! One of my favorite things to be involved with. There's nothing like taking someones idea and turning it into gold and diamonds. I've had ...


Creating Custom Jewelry with TraxNYC

How to create life like high-end custom jewelry using the latest diamond jewelry techniques.


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MY JEWELRY COLLECTION UPDATE| Where to buy Rings, Chains & Watches + JORD Giveaway

Giveaway: An update on my men's jewelry collection. I also am going to talk about where to buy rings, chains, and ...


Designing Custom Jewelry Is More Affordable Than You Think

A lot of people think that getting a custom piece of jewelry made means they're going to overpay and they'll save money by buying a piece that's ready-made.


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The BEST Streetwear JEWELRY ( Where to Buy, Sizing, Rings )

whoisjacov Silver Bracelet: In Todays video I finally show off all my rings, bracelets, and necklace and share how ...


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