Tech Tuesday 3 Knotting for Stretch Bracelets Make a stretch bracelet with that slippery 'ol stretch cord --and have the knot stay. No coming undone, no coming apart.


Make a stretch elastic bracelet - best tips!

Find more tutorials and diy craft inspiration at: If you're having problems tying a knot in elastic thread, then I've now made a ...


How to make a fishtail rainbow loom bracelet

Here is a video on how to make a fishtail rainbow loom bracelet. For more tutorials on these bracelets comment below ones for me to make a video on! Thanks ...


How to Make Loom Bands. 5 Easy Rainbow Loom Bracelet Designs without a Loom - Rubber band Bracelets

Rainbow loom bracelet tutorial on How to make loom bands. We are making 5 easy rubber band bracelet designs without a loom. All you need are rainbow loom ...


How to Make a Stretch Cord Bracelet | Jewelry & Accessory Ideas | Michaels

Making a stretch bracelet is creative, fast and fun. This demo takes you through simple steps to create and accessorize with stretch cord bracelets. SUBSCRIBE: ...


How to make a multicolor rainbow Loom, Triple Single bracelet. This bracelet is my best seller.

This is the fast version, If you find it too difficult to follow please watch the slower version: This bracelet require 2 looms. You can ...


How To: Make the Rainbow Loom Single Band Bracelet Make one of a kind elastic bracelets and more with this complete Rainbow Loom kit!


Secret to a Surgeon's Knot

Watch and learn how to tie a surgeon's knot, a favorite in jewelry-making for tying off cord. Tammy Honaman, expert jewelry maker and educator, lets you in on ...


How To: DIY Stretch/Elastic Bracelets

Learn how to make stretch/elastic bracelets that won't snap or become too loose over time. Bonus: learn the surgeon's knot, a more secure way to finish off a ...


Easy Stretch Bracelets for Kids


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