HALLOWEEN PROSTHETICS! Silicone? Prosaide? Foam latex? Gelatine? Where to buy? | Freakmo

If you want to cut out 90% of the work and buy your prosthetic pre-made this Halloween, I got the deets on some of my favourite shops, and the differences in ...


How to do basic FX Cuts (3 different ways)

This is a foundational video that covers the basics on 3 different ways to do special effects cuts. Options covered are liquid latex (with cotton), scar wax, and ...


DIY SQUISHY KOALA!! Make VIRAL Silicone Squishies from Scratch! Hitohada Gel Tutorial

Get my official KOALA MERCHANDISE here! ♥ (Advertisement/Werbung) ♥ DIY Transparent Squishies ...


Silicone Puppet Skin

The old puppet technique of latex skinning on foam... now in silicone. La tecnica vieja para piel de titeres hecho con latex encima de espuma ...ahora con ...


How to Make Clear, Bubble-free Silicone Molds

Thank you for watching! Please watch the full video before asking questions. I will not answer any questions that could've been answered by watching the video.


How to make a silicone mold on a budget with local materials

I was looking to make my own molds and found an non conventional way to get what I want without having to wait for 2-4 weeks to get it in the mail. If you have ...


Latex Vs Latex-free Makeup Sponge

Did you ever buy a cheap makeup sponged to save money on the beauty blender and It just didn't perform the way you liked it to? I have never tried the beauty ...


Creepy Realistic Skin Mask

Freakmo's top 7 skincare tips, and how I made my realistic skin masks. Subscribe to get updates when new videos are released: ...


Silicone Severed Hand Tutorial, Pt. 2, Painting | Freakmo

This is the scond part of how I made my silicone hand, covering prepping the hand, airbrushing, and painting. Watch part one here: ...



MOST REQUESTED REVIEW EVER!!! I test it for foundation, concealer and contour ... is it a Beauty Blender Killer or just another gimmick??? Please click the ...


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