Adjustable Leather Wristbands Tutorial

Leather wristbands are the most popular craft items at summer camp or with youth groups ever. Choose from several widths and sizes to fit you perfectly, cut from ...


How to Make a leather wristband part 1. For Rocking. Viking Style.

How to make a carved leather cuff or wristband. This is a prize for a give away on my channel. I am hand crafting a leather wrist band or cuff from scratch.


Leather Mystery Braid Cuff Making a Mystery Braid Cuff is the main point of this tutorial, but the braid itself is a great decoration. In addition to the braid ...


Making a Leather Bracelet

Making a leather bracelet. Material: -Veg tan 2-2,5mm -Prewaxed braided polyester thread -Fiebing´s professional oil dye Finishes used: -Synthetic gum ...


Making a Leather Cuff Bracelet - Tooling Leather

Making a Leather Cuff Bracelet DIY Tooling Stamping Veg-Tan Leather **Give One-Time or Monthly**: LINKS to Tools/Materials ...


How to make a leather medieval armband......REVISITED!

I remade my very first video that had horrible resolution, I always wanted to do this, here we go!


DIY Leather Bracelet

More Info:▽▽▽ Check Out "Get Crafty Crafty" Bracelet Video - Get Crafty Crafty Youtube Channel ...


DIY - Making A Leather Watch Cuff / Band

My father has this watch for many years now. But the band broke few weeks ago. So he asked me to make him a new leather watch band. He wanted something ...


Men's leather bracelet / cuff / maker video

Men's leather braclet / cuff / maker video I sat down to make a men's leather bracelet / cuff. You can get scrap leather at a couple of stores. One place is "Hobby ...


Leatherworking - Making a Leather Bracelet

This week, I made this leather bracelet. This is my first giveaway. All the details are in the video. Enjoy ! I hope you enjoy the video, let me know what you think in ...


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