How to make a silicone mold on a budget with local materials

I was looking to make my own molds and found an non conventional way to get what I want without having to wait for 2-4 weeks to get it in the mail. If you have ...


How to Make Silicone Molds

Thank you for watching! Tips I forgot to mention: Since silicone only really sticks to silicone, so if you're working on a silicone mat and make a mess, be sure to ...


How to Make Silicone Molds For Crafting Using Liquid Silicone

Hello! Here is a video tutorial showing you how I make my handmade silicone molds for resin and clay. I know there are plenty of different ways out there, but I ...


How to Make Clear, Bubble-free Silicone Molds

Thank you for watching! Please watch the full video before asking questions. I will not answer any questions that could've been answered by watching the video.


Silicon Mold Making & Casting

Short demonstration in how to use silicon for mold making and casting.


How To Make a Simple Silicone Mold - One Piece Pour On

This instructional mold making tutorial video shows how easy it is to make a one piece silicone block mold using Smooth-On Mold Star 15. The finished mold can ...


How to make 3d form at home and Silicone molds Cheap analog of Silicone Rubber, for 3D models


Make Your Own Silicone Mold From Caulking & Dish Soap!

The cheapest & easiest way to make your own silicone molds! I decided to put this method to the test and see just how much detail it can capture - be sure to ...


How to Make Your Own Silicone Slab Mold

How I made my own silicone slab mold for cold process soap-making using Soft 107-Purple Catalyst (for soaps and candles) from Directions ...


How-To Make a LEGO CANDY Mold

A bucket of LEGO bricks and a 2 part silicone mix join forces to create custom rubber molds, that make handfuls of LEGO Candy! Some quick links to a few of the ...


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