Security Features of Tyvek Wristbands, Paper Wristbands, Event Wristbands or Bracelets

In this video guide, we'll show you the security features of our Tyvek wristbands. You'll learn the two main security components The security slits that prevent ...


Boost Security with Event Security Wristbands "Wristbands in Plastic for Crowd Control or Custom Wristbands used for Club ID and Party Wristbands for Events or Silicone Water ...


Tyvek Security Wristbands - Auckland NZ

TYVEK WRISTBANDS / EVENT WRISTBANDS / SECURITY WRISTBANDS: Supplying plain & printed tyvek wristbands since 2006. Offering a full range of tyvek ...


NFC Event Wristbands consumer one use Near Field Communication Note 2- Practical NFC

These awesome NFC Event Wristbands are going to be very popular, they are one use only from the consumers point of view, the band has to be cut off to ...


How to Trade Concert Wristbands

A quick and easy way to remove plastic security wristbands for reuse.


Wristbands: How Wristbands can help with Festivals and Events Security

Visit at: With a kick-ass festival experience comes great memories to share. And of course, the lasting pieces of memorabilia that ...


Neon Blue Tyvek Wristbands 500 Pack Paper Wristbands for Events by Elan Review

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Wristbands for Events

Wristbands for Events.


Remove event wristbands, the easy way

This is the super-simple method to remove those wristbands you get from clubs, events and festivals. No scissors. No gnashing of teeth.


ID&C Fabric Wristbands - Smartlock

Find out more at This is a short video showing the patented Smartlock fabric wristband, one of our security wristbands used at festivals.


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