DIY Silicone Mold - Easiest and Cheapest Method Ever!

DIY Silicine Mold! This is the easiest and cheapest method out there! Make your own silicone mold for candle embeds for only $4.69!!! Audio quality could be ...


How to make a silicone mold on a budget with local materials

I was looking to make my own molds and found an non conventional way to get what I want without having to wait for 2-4 weeks to get it in the mail. If you have ...


The Reveal: Homemade Silicone Chicken Mold

The Chicken came out of the silicone. Guess what happens next? [✓] SmoothSil Silicone: Endcard Links: Touch Powder: ...


How to Make Clear, Bubble-free Silicone Molds

Thank you for watching! Please watch the full video before asking questions. I will not answer any questions that could've been answered by watching the video.


How To Make "Proto-Putty" (Modified Oogoo)

The long awaited tutorial! Make anything on a budget with this substance that molds like play-dough, but hardens into rubber. Quick links to the materials; [✓] All ...


Making a Silicone Mold of a 3D Printed Part and Casting a Detailed Resin Training Skeleton

Watch how a medical training model is cast in resin. The process starts with a highly detailed 3D print, which is coated and smoothed with XTC-3D epoxy.


How to Make Silicone Molds

Thank you for watching! Tips I forgot to mention: Since silicone only really sticks to silicone, so if you're working on a silicone mat and make a mess, be sure to ...


Silicone Moldmaking: Seamless Block Mold

In this tutorial we explain the process of making a seamless block mold for resin casting using 71-10 silicone. Of interest to new mold makers, will be the thought ...


Mold and cast an action figure ( or anything ) // How-To

It's easy to make an accurate copy of something with a silicone mold. You can cast a copy in resin, wax and lots more. I got all of my molding supplies from ...


DIY | How to make a Silicone Mold/Mold Putty using SOAP - EASY

Watch me in HD & Open me! What I use to make my videos? - Canon 750d: - Tripod: - Lights: ...


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