Trollbeads World Tour - UK

Welcome to the United Kingdom! It's time for Trollbeads to take you on an inspiring tour of the four beautiful countries that form the United Kingdom. Let the ...


Chamilia Charms and Beads fit Pandora Troll Charm Bracelet Lady dot com

Chamilia Bead Bracelets, each detailed Chamilia design is made of Sterling Silver, 14KY Gold or a combination of both. Design your own original Chamilia ...


Updated Trollbeads Bracelet

Here is my updated Trollbeads bracelet. I also have one Ohm Beads charm on there and a fake Ebay purchased Pandora charm. Enjoy!


Trollbeads Travel Jewellery Case


Tropical Travel bracelet by Trollbeads

The feeling of white sand between your toes and plenty of time on your hands to relax underneath the swaying palms - or to dive through clear waters full of ...


Trollbeads Catalogue (+Trollbeads I want to have)

️READ ME (Click HD for better Quality): Hey Fierce ones, a video of a Trollbeads Catalogue which I got on 2017 Please don't forget to watch the Part1 ...


Part3: Trollbeads Story - Everything you need to know on trollbeads Uniques & Leather Bracelet

️READ ME (Click HD for better Quality): Hey Fierce ones, here is a vidio of the Story of trollbeads and my huge trollbeadsh haul from Trollbeads Uk Please ...


Popular Charm bracelet & Trollbeads videos


How to Start Your Trollbeads Collection

This short video from Bertie Browns shows a simple way to start your Trollbeads collection. In this video we use a silver foxtail bracelet, a glass charm, two ...


Lucky Bean Bracelet by Trollbeads

Coffee is a ritual of dedication. No compromises, no rushing things: only the best fresh beans, the right roast, grind, temperature and technique. A truly great cup ...


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